Steering is accomplished by stopping one of the driven wheels, a simple scheme which works well with a three-wheel configuration. The Fischertechnic gearboxes use a worm drive, so there is no free-wheeling; when a wheel is not being driven, it stops. More sophisticated steering arrangements are possible - see the section on improvements.

The picture shows a vehicle partway round a left-hand bend on the test track. The left-hand wheel is stopped, while the right hand wheel is driving. The left-hand wheel will start again when the sensors are correctly aligned with the track.

The vehicle turns in a radius equal to its own width, which is adequate even with right-angled bends although the present track has only curved bends. If a four-wheel or tracked, tank-style drive were adopted it would probably be necessary to drive forward on one side and reverse on the other in order to accomplish a smooth turn.