Welcome to my website.

What you'll find here is mostly geeky, robotic stuff and things built with Lego, fischertechnik and the like.

In the Fan Club section are cheap, easy things you can do to entertain, and hopefully stimulate, youngsters.

My First Robot recounts how I got into robotics as a hobby and discovered PICs. It's also the story of how we used to get by in the days before Lego Mindstorms.

The Picaxe AGV is a buggy project that was used with IT students. It uses a fischertechnik chassis and the excellent, inexpensive Picaxe system of PIC-based controllers. A Picaxe controller is also used in the fischertechnik Draughts Sorter, which is just something I wanted to build.

Under Other Stuff are odds and ends as well as works-in-progress and unfinished projects that I hope will some day justify sections of their own.

If you would like to comment, or if there is anything you would like to ask, feel free to contact me. If you leave an e-mail address I'll get back to you.